The TES SHOW 2023 - London

We are so excited to announce that our Company Director and our Training Manager had the pleasure of attending the TES SEND 2023 show in London this weekend and was exhibiting for the 2 days. 

We met so many amazing people from differing backgrounds and settings and through our messages of support and neuro-inclusivity, we made some truly wonderful contacts. 

We were speaking to SENDCO workers, to Head Teachers, to parents of neurodiverse children, to government organisation that support neurodiverse people into the workplace and even a group of people from His Majesties Prisons Service who were looking for further education and learning on neurodiversity within the justice system. 

Oh and we met numerous individuals seeking the education programme for their schools that are based in India, Germany, Switzerland and Budapest!!

As a result of the brilliant contacts we have had at the show we are now in a position to be able to fully launch our new range of programmes and workshops, so please keep your eyes peeled for upcoming news!!