With our world ever changing and developing around us, it is paramount that we are keeping the people safe.

When looking for a childminder, it is essential that we find someone that is not only caring and considerate but that is qualified and experienced in supporting your child/children especially when with neurodiversity. 

We are campaigning to promote a better level of understanding and support for people in the neurodiverse world, especially children. We have been making waves in education settings to promote a better understanding of the neurodiverse world by launching numerous programmes that have been so well received. 

We have now launched our Childminders Autism Programme that gives childminders a fully immersive experience into the neurodiverse world by imparting the most up to date knowledge, support strategies and legislation to those who support, or would like to support neurodiverse children. 

To search for an Ofsted registered Childminder that has undertaken our Accredited Autism Programme, please click on the link below