Childminders programme

We are offering a first of its kind package to support childminders in earning an accredited qualification in neurodivergence to further their knowledge and understanding of neurodivergent children. 
Our 2 day virtual programme explores what autism and neurodivergence is, how communication is crucial to autistic people, how to make a safe environment and have sensory-inclusive areas and activities, we look at behaviours that challenge and how to de-escalate situations and what reasonable adjustments are and how they can help an inclusive and positive interaction.

Following completion of the programme, you will receive an accredited certificate valid for 3 years that you can display and circulate on your social media to further your clientele and business base.

You will also be able to advertise your services on our website through a mini profile where you will be endorsed by the organisation to work with neurodivergent people. 

You will be issued with an approved logo to use on your communications to show you have completed our programme.

To support you in working with others, we will setup quarterly zoom meetings where you can connect with other childminders to discuss implementing your training, what's worked and what hasn't and discuss other support strategies. 

We are offering all of this for the one time fee of £99!

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What our package contains
  • 1 day virtual training - Accredited Childminder Autism Programme
  • 7 hour CPD Certificate valid for 3 years 
  • Endorsed profile on our website where families can verify your commitment to neurodiversity
  • An approved logo to use on your communications
  • Quarterly support network meetings with other childminders